weight training

In strength training, the main focus is usually on gaining strength and muscle growth. We generally recommend a holistic training approach in which you also train your maximum strength, speed and endurance and thus continuously increase them. Suitable exercises will strengthen and define your muscles. In bodybuilding, for example, a lot of emphasis is placed on looking strong and defining muscle mass. There are different ways to achieve this.

The selection of weights and training equipment that we provide you with is enormous. You can choose from a variety of fitness equipment, materials, weight classes and shapes according to your individual needs and preferences. As part of your workout, you can use dumbbells, weight benches, weight plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, Battle Ropes, barbell, barbells, weight cuffs, pulling aids, handles but also our self-developed Use vibration plates or our professional EMS device.

The most well-known forms of strength training include equipment, cable pull or free weight training. Free weight training has the advantage that the movements can be performed in all directions and more than one muscle is involved in the execution. This trains the interaction of the muscles and thus your intermuscular coordination. During equipment training, incorrect loads are minimized and correct movement sequences are promoted. A higher training effect is achieved because muscles are trained in isolation. During cable pull training, self-stabilization is required so that the target and auxiliary muscles are stressed evenly. The torso muscles are strengthened by the constant tensing.

There are a few points in strength training that are crucial to your success. Your chosen weight must not be too light, but also not too heavy. The number of repetitions you do is directly related to the weight. Longer repetitions increase endurance and improve technique. If you increase the weight, you should be able to do about 1-2 reps more, otherwise you have chosen the wrong weight class. After each set, your muscles should be completely exhausted in order to achieve ideal training success through the muscle stimulus triggered in this way.

In each of your exercises, you should make sure that you do it cleanly and correctly, even if your strength is already decreasing. The right technique is essential to avoid bad posture and injuries. Strength training and the muscle growth that goes with it also help you lose fat. Because the more muscles you have, the more calories your body burns, since the trained muscle mass increases your basal metabolic rate. The right combination of endurance and strength training saves a lot of time and achieves the best training success.