Yoga & Pilates

Yoga - go into yourself

Back pain and lipid metabolism disorders are common diseases in Germany. Especially working in the office and little exercise promote back and neck pain. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle put additional strain on our psyche. Prevent these diseases optimally. Train your back muscles through dynamic sitting, constant movement and maintaining your balance. Regular exercise also strengthens your muscles, promotes circulation and improves your endurance. This will also get your immune system in shape and increase your well-being.

Yoga and Pilates focus on training the balance muscles. Exercise balls, balance cushions and exercise mats are part of the basic equipment. During Pilates training, the focus is on the correct and fluent execution of the exercise. Your sense of balance will be challenged throughout the exercise. Pilates exercises are very effective and shape your figure. Muscle rehabilitation after an accident or in old age is extremely important to restore quality of life. At the same time, however, the muscles must not be overstretched. In therapy, this is achieved, for example, with training on the exercise ball. Since there are many ways of doing exercises in balance training, varied training is inevitable. With effective training you improve your balance and strengthen your muscles. As a result, the intensity of the individual exercises is higher and the training goal can be reached more quickly.

Yoga is also very much in vogue nowadays for pregnancy and postnatal exercises. Because the exercises on the ball enable a slow and continuous build-up of the muscles. The focus of postnatal exercises is the pelvic floor. During pregnancy, the pelvic floor is subjected to a lot of strain and stretching because it has to carry an unnatural weight. If the pelvic floor is not exercised after pregnancy, this muscle becomes slack. This can lead to slackening of the sphincter muscle, i.e. urinary incontinence, especially in old age.