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Nordic walking is one of the most popular sports in Germany today. You have probably already seen many people “walk with sticks”. No wonder, because this trend has developed into a real sport. With Nordic Walking you keep moving, experience outdoor adventures and promote your health. Many doctors even recommend walking. Because Nordic Walking is a sport for everyone, whether young, old or man and woman. Nordic walking is a full-body sport and uses many muscle groups. The advantage over walking without sticks is the higher calorie consumption. With the right technique, you burn almost as many calories as jogging, but at the same time are easy on your joints. Above all, people who do a sedentary job every day, such as in the office or as a cashier, need a balance, i.e. more exercise!

Nordic walking stimulates your metabolism and trains your muscles. Angled arms and the front and rear arm muscles are particularly strengthened, while your back is protected and not overloaded. This effect is not achieved when jogging. The risk of cardiovascular diseases (high blood pressure, diabetes and back pain) can be reduced with Nordic walking. Just walk away from your stressful everyday life. Walk on the asphalt, in the forest, on the beach or in the snow and train your body and relax your mind. In our online shop you will find the right Nordic Walking stick for you as well as the corresponding Nordic Walking accessories.

If you are more of a discoverer and trekking type and like to hike off the beaten track or climb the mountains cross-country, then make sure you have the right trekking equipment. Our high-quality trekking poles are very stable and ensure a secure hold on uneven terrain. A decisive difference compared to Nordic Walking lies in the attachment of the hand straps. In Nordic Walking, the right technique is crucial for successful training. In particular, swinging with alternately closed and open hands. Therefore, the wrist strap must be tight. When hiking or trekking, the poles are used as a support, especially when running downhill. The wrist strap is loose. When used correctly, the poles can relieve your knees. Overall, the movement when hiking or trekking is different than with Nordic walking.

We will soon be offering you high-quality ski poles for your next winter holiday and ski trip. So nothing stands in the way of a safe descent. In our outdoor area you will also find other Nordic walking, trekking and skiing accessories, such as replacement feet, pole attachments, hand straps, carrying bags, towels, bottle openers or compasses.