Develop more mobility with these four pieces of gymnastics equipment

Exercise has countless health benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that you improve your flexibility and mobility. In fact, flexibility and agility are the two core areas of gymnastics training and also the most important prerequisites for it.

Why is flexibility important in gymnastics?

Gymnastics are physical exercises that require balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination and endurance. In order to assess how flexible the joints are, it is important to determine the range of motion of joints such as an athlete's hips or shoulders. The extent to which these joints can move is determined by many structures in our body, which interact to guarantee a smooth flow of movement. In general, these bodily structures can be divided into "passive" and "active".

Passive structures include bones, ligaments, joint capsules, and the innate bony alignment. In most cases, the physical makeup and these structures cannot be changed significantly unless we perform surgery to change the basic function or appearance of the passive structures. Physical structures can also change over many years, e.g. B. when children grow up or practice certain throwing sports from an early age.

The active structures are more what you think of as gymnastic mobility: muscles, tendons that attach muscles to bones, and the nervous system. These structures have more opportunities to be changed through training. Therefore, they are more capable of positively influencing an athlete's overall flexibility and agility.

If you think that strength and conditioning is the only way to lose body fat or gain muscle, also remember that you're neglecting a very important element of fitness, which is mobility - your ability to actually grow your muscles move.

According to Men's Journal, overcoming almost any obstacle in elite US Forces training requires optimal freedom of movement. For example, Conor McGregor does gymnastic exercises like muscle-ups to stay in fighting shape. In 2016, the US Olympic Gymnastics Team reported to Men's Fitness how the team was increasing their strength to improve their flexibility increase and vice versa.

Agility training is also important to reduce your risk of injury.

Who needs mobility training?

Long story short: everyone!

Yes, literally everyone needs to do some form of mobility training. We all spend so much time in poor posture and static positions at our desks that our bodies are literally cramped. This means that the body can no longer move optimally and the various muscle groups are no longer sufficiently activated.

There are numerous exercises in gymnastics that are intended to promote range of motion and mobility of the joints. Of course, these exercises require the right instruction, training, and equipment.

Here are four pieces of exercise equipment that can help you achieve your mobility goals:

1. Fascia rolls and massage sets

Fascia rollers and massage sets are an excellent way to stretch and loosen your fascia and the joints underneath.This allows the joints to move freely and relieves pain

A sedentary lifestyle can cause your fascia to stick together. With fascia rollers and foam massage devices, you use your own body weight and sustained pressure to loosen and strengthen the constricted fascia.

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2. Balance Trainer

balance trainer like balance boards, balance cushion and balance pads are ideal if you want to improve your posture while activating certain muscles like the back. They are also the perfect fitness equipment for strength and balance exercises.

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3. Exercise Balls

Exercise balls are great fitness equipment for core strengthening. Your core muscles (abdominal and back muscles) are used in everyday activities. Strengthening the core muscles can therefore help to protect and stabilize your entire body.

And besides? Sitting on exercise balls can also help you burn some extra calories. According to Harvard Health Publications z. For example, an 84 kg man doing normal desk work burns about 156 calories per hour. Using an exercise ball increases that by 6% to 165 calories per hour, or about 75 extra calories per eight-hour day , which adds up to 19,500 calories per year.

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4. Fitness Bands

Exercising with fitness or resistance bands can help you build both strength and muscle mass. Fitness bands work wonders for your range of motion. Due to their small size, numerous exercises with fitness bands can be done anywhere. Without a doubt, resistance bands are the perfect tool to improve your flexibility and mobility.

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If improving mobility is your next fitness goal, or you're already working towards that goal, then you should gymnastics include in your training program.

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