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Vibration plate training at the highest level and state-of-the-art - with the branded vibration plates from POWRX

The vibration plate is conquering the fitness world. You see them everywhere now, in fitness studios, rehabilitation and wellness centers, but also in private households. Unknown years ago, it is now an integral part of the fitness industry. If you buy a vibration plate, then you are not following a fitness trend, but you are relying on tried and tested vibration devices and a proven training method that achieves considerable training success. Vibration training is very effective, time-saving and has convinced and inspired many professional and recreational athletes worldwide. If you want to buy a vibration plate and benefit from a strong full-body workout at home, then you've come to the right place in our online shop. Because we are one of the pioneers in the field of vibration training and have over 10 years of experience. Our vibration devices are state-of-the-art, very durable and of high quality. In addition, we have set ourselves the goal of giving you affordable access to this extremely effective form of training with our vibration plates and thus making our contribution to your health and fitness

- Buy a vibration plate and start with an effective full body workout -

It's no longer a secret what remarkable training successes you can have thanks to a vibration plate. More and more men and women are discovering the positive effects of intensive and productive training for themselves. For a long time, however, the topic of "buying a vibration plate" was not affordable for private individuals. We are changing that with our offer. If you buy a vibration plate from us, professional vibration training is also possible at home.

Vibration training is so effective because a large number of muscle fibers - especially in the deep muscles - are stimulated. The mechanical vibrations, which are transmitted to the body by the vibration plate, trigger a stretch reflex in the muscles, in which the muscle is first stretched and then automatically contracts again and thus tenses. Dynamic exercises with an additional active movement by the trainee make training on the vibration plate even more intensive. If you buy a vibration plate, you will benefit from this effect and open up many new training opportunities.

You can purchase both home and professional studio equipment from us in the right size for you. Take a look around and discover the world of vibration plates. In addition, you can intensify your training on the vibration plate with a variety of accessories, e.g. with an exercise ball, medicine balls, dumbbells, Pilates rings, quilted cushions, tubes, the XBT or our professional EMS device.

Buy vibration plates from the experts!

Since it was founded in 2007, POWRX GmbH has been selling and developing professional vibration plates for home and studio use. We were one of the vibration plate pioneers in Germany, who significantly established vibration training in the fitness world.

It all began in 2006, when the founder and managing director of POWRX GmbH - Klaus Gremmelspacher - personally discovered the positive effects of vibration training. In just six weeks of training on the vibration plate, he lost over 12kg.

This was the starting signal for POWRX GmbH!

Mr. Gremmelspacher has set himself the goal of making this efficient and very effective form of training accessible to both recreational and competitive athletes at low cost and to supplement it with other fitness items

The vibration plates of the time still had significant weaknesses in terms of damping and processing. As a result, POWRX GmbH introduced new quality standards and developed and installed new damping elements, including the Dual Power Suspension (DPS).

The use of the DPS suspension now also enables inexpensive and low-noise home training. The newly developed vibration plates were and still are popular with amateur athletes, clubs, sports colleges, fitness studios, celebrities and competitive athletes at the highest level.

Quality, functionality and an excellent price-performance ratio have convinced our customers. Accordingly, we were reported about in TV and print. We and our vibration plates were featured in Bild, Playboy, Shape, Body Media, Body Life, Computer Bild, Gesundheit heute, active woman and Bunten.

Just a few years later, we were able to introduce another innovation, the AER Suspension (air suspension). POWRX was one of the first vibration plate manufacturers to bring this type of suspension to the market.

At the same time, the G-Plate came onto the market with a large control element and color touch display. At the time, this was an absolute novelty that even today the fitness trainer provides for shorter briefings and enables the trainee to carry out professional and self-sufficient vibration plate training.

Despite the continued success of our vibration plates, we have continuously worked on improving them and have developed and launched other features such as a vibration plate APP, vibration plate exercise poster, a training DVD and innovative damping - Made in Germany .

The high-performance suspension (HPS) was born. Vibration training in the gym has reached a new level with this suspension. Maintenance-free like the DPS and vibration comfort like the AER. It combines the advantages of the already proven damping technologies. As a result, the vibration is pleasantly soft and still remains highly effective. The HPS damping elements are - Made in Germany - in order to meet the highest demands.

So why POWRX?

POWRX is one of the first companies in Germany to sell vibration plates. Hardly any other company has so much experience and makes it available to its customers so extensively. When you buy a POWRX vibration plate with column, you will also receive an extensive accessory package for the perfect and well-prepared start to your vibration training. We can even make a plate in your desired color for an additional charge.

You'll also get:

for a vibratory plate with a column
  • The book "The professional course for vibration training"
  • The DVD Vibration Training Basic
  • The APP vibration training G-Plate
  • Training accessories
  • Access to our digital, interactive and versatile training library with exercises for a wide variety of training equipment such as kettlebells, medicine balls and gymnastics mats.