martial arts

Martial arts - your victory is certain

There are many reasons to start martial arts. As a balance to everyday life, to reduce aggression or to get the body back in shape. Boxing and martial arts training is tough and requires discipline, but it's also fun and the training results are impressive. Endurance, speed and muscle strength are equally important in martial arts. The whole body is used in boxing, MMA and fist fights and the interaction of the individual muscle groups is trained intensively. This will improve your coordination, endurance, speed and strength. In order not to injure yourself during training, padded boxing gloves or free-fight gloves and head or mouth protection are essential.

The training takes place freely, on the punching bag or in the boxing ring. Especially on the sandbag or punching bag you train your power, aim and technique. In a fight against another person you can measure your strength and improve your technique. Martial arts are also suitable for children and young people. Especially children with too much energy can learn how to manage their energy and follow rules. So-called coaching pads are used during training, which minimize the risk of injury. Depending on size and weight, boxing gloves are available in different weights. The weight is given with the abbreviation Oz and describes the padding. In addition, slip bandages can be put on so that you do not slip in the gloves and have a firm grip. The inner glove absorbs sweat.

Improve your endurance, strength and coordination with jump rope. A skipping rope takes up little space and can be taken anywhere. Boxers have long recognized the benefit, so jumping rope is a regular part of boxing training. In addition, jumping rope burns a lot of calories. Jumping rope can also be easily varied and never gets boring.