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Frequently asked questions about vibration plates:

  1. What motor should my Vibration Plate have?
  2. How heavy should my Vibration Plate be?
  3. What material should my vibration plate be made of?
  4. How many settings should my Vibration Plate have?

What kind of motor should my Vibration Plate have?

The vibration plate should have an AC motor specially designed to generate intense vibrations. The quality of the control is more important than the power (in watts or hp), as it determines the ultimate efficiency. A high-quality 200 watt AC motor is perfectly sufficient for a user weighing no more than 150 kg.

How heavy should my Vibration Plate be?

Basically, the heavier a vibration plate is, the more stable it is during training, since the person exercising also leans against the device during some exercises. For professional use, such as in fitness studios, we recommend vibration plates from 80 kg, for small studios, beauty studios or similar from approx. 60 kg and for private use devices from 40 kg can be sufficient, depending on body weight.

What material should my vibration plate be made of?

Especially in the private sector, it is important to keep the noise generated by vibration as low as possible, both in your own interest and in the interest of your neighbors. This requires optimal vibration damping, which can only be achieved with high-quality materials such as fiberglass, metal or steel. The anti-vibration metals are just as important. If these are of inferior quality, they are less able to direct the vibration to the training area, with the result that the vibrations are largely emitted towards the ground, where they have no effect on the training but generate a lot of noise. The top vibration plates from POWRX (models from the 3 series) have DPS technology (Dual Power Suspension). The vibrating metals are arranged in layers like on a sandwich, which ensures a targeted and at the same time comfortable control of the vibration to the right place, namely the body of the person exercising.

How many settings should my Vibration Plate have?

Basically, four different frequency settings are sufficient to get the desired training effect. In addition, the stroke is usually adjustable in "low" and "high". In the professional field, other adjustment options are certainly advisable, such as stepless adjustability of the frequency, in order to be able to perfectly adjust the vibration plate individually for each customer.

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