How do you use a fascia roller correctly? Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

You've probably wondered how to use the POWRX foam roller correctly.

In this short blog post we want to explain how to use the foam roller correctly and avoid typical mistakes when using the sports equipment.

  1. Work on a trigger point for max. 20-30 seconds and then continue rolling, otherwise nerve irritation and bruising may occur.
  2. Never work on the source of pain right from the start, this can lead to further inflammation. Start your trigger point massage with the attached muscles and slowly work your way to the pain point.
  3. Roll for 15-20 minutes several times a week to avoid causing further pain.
  4. Correct posture is important in fascia training. As a beginner, you should observe yourself in front of the mirror or seek advice from a trained person to avoid making mistakes in the beginning.
  5. Rolling too aggressively and quickly, as well as holding your breath during the exercises, has an extremely negative effect on your well-being. They impair the oxygen supply and the fluid circulation of the tissue.
  6. Avoid rolling over joints, otherwise the joint spaces will be pushed apart too much.

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